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Save time and cost with our secure online MAR insider list software designed for public companies, advisers and administrators.

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Say goodbye to email and Excel

Automate all your Market Abuse Regulation reporting requirements
with unlimited insider, confidential and PDMR lists.

Say goodbye to email and Excel
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MAR insider Lists

Create secure and compliant ESMA MAR (Market Abuse Regulation) insider lists, with 1-click industry standard reporting and audit trails.

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Confidential lists

Create unlimited project-based confidential lists to manage sensitive information. Ask your recipients to sign NDAs, track responses and send automatic reminders.

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PDMR & PCA lists

Keep track of PDMRs (persons discharging managerial responsibilties) and closely associated persons. Automatically notify them of closed periods, and process permissions/requests to deal.

Save time and cost

Save time and cost

Fully automate your workflow

Digitise and automate your entire list management process with our intuitive workflow solution.

Eliminate manual processes

Eliminate labour intensive, repetitive and manual tasks through our single platform solution.

Increase operational efficiencies

Say goodbye to Word, PDF, Excel, and email!

Improve efficiency

Manage all your lists from one place

Get a complete view of the status of all your lists and insiders via a single dashboard.

360o visibility and collaboration

Work with colleagues to collaborate in real time, with instant updates for every insider and list.

Unlimited lists and users

Create and manage an unlimited number of insider lists, confidential lists, PDMR lists, and more.

Improve efficiency
Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Real time data validation

Satisfy all MAR requirements with real time form validation, data control, and exception management.

Continuous error detection

Use our rule based processing to detect errors before they happen.

Regulatory approved reporting

Use our ESMA approved list management and reporting process to ensure 100% compliance.

Simple, quick and efficient

A single dashboard to coordinate all your list requirements

1-click automation

InsiderList manages your entire MAR compliance simply and efficiently. We automate each step in the process, from the decision to delay disclosure, notifying insiders and managing responses, to informing your National Competent Authority.

Real time updates

Receive instant updates as notifications are sent to reminders and confirmations submitted, right on your dashboard. See the % completion status of your lists and send automatic reminders to individuals at the click of a button.

360o visibility

Collaborate on a single platform with colleagues to manage your MAR reporting process. Get complete visibility across every list and user. Delegate tasks and receive alerts each time an action is completed.

Digital signatures

Accept confirmations from individuals with digital signatures, compliant with all eIDAS Regulations (EU 910/2014). Allow users to sign with their phone, tablet, or simply use their keyboard.

Automated reminders

Send automatic reminders each day to follow up on outstanding requests. Monitor users as they respond to notifications and complete confirmations. Correctly timestamp each action with UTC compliant timecodes.

Compliance wizards

Use our wizards to easily follow ESMA approved workflows. Set up lists and manage the disclosure process using our proprietary rules engine, with real time form validation, data control, and exception management.

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