Why InsiderList?

Save time and cost, improve operational efficiency, and reduce risk.

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Why InsiderList


Compliance workflows are broken


Most teams rely on email, Word, and Excel to complete their MAR compliance obligations

Manual processes
Significant time and cost


Compliance processes are manual and labour intensive, with high administrative overheads


Lack of oversight, control, and accountability creates significant potential for error

High error potential

The solution

How we can help

How we can help

Our clients get results


Avg. time reduction

Clients typically reduce their time managing MAR by c.94% with our SaaS solution


Hours saved per person

Each year, our clients save on average 200 hours per compliance professional


Return on investment

Our software pays for itself inside 6 months of use, when used across teams of 2 or more

Multiple benefits

Save time and effort

Clients who use our digital workflow solution to automate their list management process save approximately 94% of their time managing MAR.

Avoid fines and reputational damage

InsiderList provides a secure and robust compliance platform that assists in avoiding personal and professional fines of up to €15 million, or 15% of annual turnover.

Improve user experiences

Our 360o dashboard gives you visibility into the entire compliance workflow, automating everything from creating MAR compliant lists to recording digital signatures.

Sleep easy at night

Our systems employ sophisticated real-time data validation, intelligent data capture, and rules-based processing to ensure that all data is tested for quality and integrity, and that it is stored in a MAR-compliant format.

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