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InsiderList is a leading software provider of compliance automation solutions, which enables companies to save time and cost, realise operating efficiencies, and reduce regulatory risk.

Long version

InsiderList is a leading software provider of compliance solutions for Market Abuse Regulation reporting.

Its platform allows issuers, advisers, and administrators to automate their entire insider list management, with a simple and intuitive dashboard, 360o real time workflow visibility, complete audit trails, and 1-click industry standard reporting.

Enhanced features such as guided compliance wizards, automatic reminders, and digital signatures, allow users to save significant time and cost whilst improving regulatory reporting standards.

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Our primary font is Open Sans.

We use this typeface for titles and emphasis.

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Our lead font is Opens Sans 300.

We use this typeface for supporting lead paragraphs.

Body font

Our body font is Inter.

We use this typeface for longer text on our website and services.

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