Our vision

We're building the world's most advanced workflow automation platform, empowering people to reimagine work.

Enhanced compliance

InsiderList is a leading software provider of compliance automation solutions, which enables companies to save time and cost, realise operating efficiencies, and reduce regulatory risk.

Our story

Prior to founding InsiderList, we worked as investors in the financial services space, backing some of the world's most successful companies.

Our values

Our values define who we are and how we engage with each other


We encourage open and honest communication


We stand up for what's fair and right


We support each other as a single team


We all work towards a common objective


Our quality and craftsmanship sets us apart


We're open to change and new ideas

Our culture

Culture is our most important asset


We are adventurous

We encourage people to take explore new ideas, and encourage creativity and bold pursuits that will help propel the business forwards.

We are collaborative

We work in an informal, supportive and team orientated way.

We are inclusive

We prioritise making people from all walks of life feel welcome. Individuality is celebrated, and everyone should feel like they have a place in the company.

Corporate social responsibility

Business is an opportunity to help others

Corporate social responsibility


We help mentor entrepreneurs in the digital economy, providing free consulting and 'office hours' to growing businesses


We aim to provide a safe, sustainable workplace that minimises our environmental impact and conserves natural resources


We provide investment for social startups that are active in our community and align with our CSR goals and objectives


We regularly give both our time and cash to strengthen our community through grants and employee volunteer programs that promote equality and inclusion