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  • Multiple clients
  • Client level reporting
  • Clear data separation
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited insider lists
  • Unlimited confidential lists
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  • Single issuers
  • PDMR / PCA lists
  • Closed periods
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited insider lists
  • Unlimited confidential lists
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  • Multiple entities
  • Team workflows
  • Enterprise support
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited insider lists
  • Unlimited confidential lists
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Core features

Digital signatures
Compliance wizards
AI assisted compliance
Intelligent data capture
Smart contact database
Enhanced reporting
Team collaboration
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Expert compliance review
Unlimited users
Unlimited insider lists
Unlimited confidential lists
360o dashboard
Unlimited users
Unlimited contacts
Unlimited lists
360o dashboard
Simple and clean interface
Multiple clientsn/an/a
Multiple issuersn/an/a
Project insider lists
Permanent insider lists
Confidential lists
PDMR / PCA listsn/a
Closed period managementn/a
Closed period remindersn/a
Deal request approvalsn/a
Deal trading notificationsn/a
NCA filing reports
Automated list management
Intelligent data capture
Smart email templates
Digital signatures
Passwordless authentication
Customisable memo attachements
Real-time alerts
Automated reminders
Automatic notifications
Completion progress updates
List status reporting
Delayed disclosure basis
Public interest protection
Confidentiality obligations
List closures
Confidential list conversion
MAR report generation
Article 18 sublist notices
Rule based processing
Real time data validation
Continuous error detection
Exception management
UTC time stamps
E.164 international number formatting
GC100 approved memos
Customised reports
Detailed audit trails and log retention
Smart contact database
Contact activity feeds
Pre-populated data management
Detailed profiles
Contact categories and groups
360o visibility across teams
Shared activity streams
Collaborative workflow tools
Role based user permissions
Training and support
Advanced documentation
SSL encryption
ISO27001 data centres
GDPR compliant

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What's the difference between plans?



Our solution for advisers who work with public companies (e.g. lawyers, accountants, corporate finance, etc).

Includes all core features, plus the ability to manage and sort lists on a client-by-client basis.

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Our solution for issuers with listed securities traded on a public market, such as the LSE, AIM, or Euronext.

Includes all core features, plus the ability to manage PDMRs, PCAs, and closed period notifications.

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For administrators with multiple issuers, such as group CoSec services or fund admin providers.

Includes all core features, with additional ability to manage multiple issuers and adviser entities, with shared team workflows and enterprise level support.

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