Free MAR insider list template

Insider lists must comply with the technical standards outlined in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/347 of 10 March 2016, which provides two templates:

  • Template 1: Section(s) related to deal-specific or vent-based inside information; and
  • Template 2: Permanent insider section of the insider list

Issuers must use this format when reporting insider lists to the appropriate authority. All data must be saved digitally, in a format specified by each National Competent Authority.

You can download our free Excel templates here:

Please note we do not recommend using Excel to fulfill your compliance obligations.

Wait! What's wrong with Excel?

Although issuers are free to use any method they find appropriate to comply with the specifications of each National Competent Authority, any solution involving Excel, Word, PDF or email involves a significant compliance risk and should be considered very carefully before proceeding.

High risk of error

Manual data entry carries a high risk of error and potential for significant fines, penalties, and reputational cost.

No change tracking

Excel, Word and Email are not able to track changes to records. These formats are easily open to data corruption, especially with multiple users working on the same source material.

No access control

Email and excel solutions are not suitable as an archival system, and can not provide secure access control alone, required under MAR.

No version control

Excel, Word, PDF and email were not designed with version control in mind. They can not adequately reproduce change management history in an audit compliance trail required to be compliant with MAR.

Limited security

Excel and email are commonly used to store and transmit sensitive data, but are not secure or GDPR compliant. Data breaches are common, and easily subject to human vector attacks such as phishing.

Lack of automation

Most compliance functions are manually intensive, and at risk of “cut and paste” shortcuts replicating errors. Loss of compliance and corporate knowledge if someone responsible leaves / becomes unavailable.

What's the solution?

Use InsiderList to ensure your MAR compliance

Ensure compliance and prove adherence to MAR

Avoid fines and reputational damage

Replace legacy processes and reduce error

Save time and cost

Ensure compliance and prove adherence to MAR

Our systems use sophisticated real time data validation, intelligent data capture, and rules based processing to ensure that all data is tested for quality, integrity, and is stored in a MAR compliant format.

Clients use our service to prove adherance to regulatory obligations, using it to maintain a complete audit of every administrative action.

Avoid fines and reputational damage

100% of our clients say they have reduced concerns over their exposure to MAR sanctions after moving to InsiderList.

InsiderList provides a secure and robust compliance platform that helps avoid personal and professional fines, which can amount up to €15m or 15% of annual turnover.

Replace legacy processes and reduce error

InsiderList's platform completely replaces reliance on manual, labour intensive processes which can create significant potential for error.

Our 360o dashboard provides visibility over the entire compliance workflow, automating every aspect of compliance from setting up MAR compliant lists to recording digital signatures.

Save time and cost

Clients who automate their list management process with our digital workflow solution typically reduce their time managing MAR by c.94%.

Each year, our enterprise clients save on average 200 hours per compliance professional.

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