Confidential lists

Set up confidential lists to manage access to sensitive information across your organisation. Create confidentiality agreements, collect digital signatures, and send automatic reminders.

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Confidential lists

"Maintaining confidentiality and the integrity of sensitive information is an essential part of good corporate governance."

Smart contact database

Set up confidential lists quickly and efficiently

Add and remove contacts with a single click

Create contact lists instantly and use our smart contact database to automatically create or update profile data and records.

Automate notifications and reminders

Let our system send notifications and reminders on your behalf, whilst you sit back and watch the results in real time.

Sign memos, confidentiality agreements, or NDAs

Want people to sign an NDA? No problem. Use our template system to include a project specific NDA and ask for receipt of a digital signature.

Sleep easy with automated compliance

Keep a detailed record of your participants

Audit everything from when you add contacts to a list through to when they read emails and sign digital acknowledgements.

Ensure your information is complete and valid

Our platform monitors your list for incomplete or invalid data, both in real time at the point of entry, and through ongoing continuous error detection.

Store data securely with industry leading standards

We deploy industry leading security standards, including 256-bit encryption, access control, and ISO27001 and SOC2 data centres.

Continuous error detection

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Top 7 requirements of insider lists

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What is the correct format for an insider list?

Learn how to format your insider list, and the difference between project and permanent insiders

What information should an insider list contain?

Our detailed guide to the types of information you must record under MAR

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