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Manage PDMRs (Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities) and PCAs (Persons Closely Associated) across your organisation.

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Set up a PDMR list in seconds, using our compliance wizards to ensure your MAR compliance.

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Add contact email addresses and let our smart contact database automatically populate data or create new profiles.

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PDMR and PCA lists

What is a PDMR?

A PDMR is a natural or legal person in an issuer who is either a:

  • Member of the administrative, management or supervisory body of that entity; or
  • Senior executive who has regular access to inside information and the power to make managerial decisions affecting the future developments and business prospects of that entity.

What is a PCA?

In relation to a PDMR, a "person closely associated" is:

  • A spouse (or a partner considered to be equivalent);
  • A dependent child;
  • A co-habiting relative; or
  • A legal person, trust, or partnership controlled by the PDMR.

What are PDMR obligations?

PDMRs have several obligations, which include (but are not limited to):

  • restriction from carrying out any transactions on their own account shares or debt instruments of the issuer during a 'closed period';
  • restriction from the same trading or on the account of any third party; and
  • requirement to seek permission from the issuer prior to making any relevant trade.

Complete PDMR compliance

Collect MAR compliant information

InsiderList automatically asks your PDMRs to confirm their personal details and those of any PCAs, ensuring you always have up to date information.

Notify PDMRs and PCAs of their obligations

Notify your PDMRs of their requirements under Article 19. Send custom memos and ask for digital signatures in return.

Set closed periods and send reminders

Take the hassle out of managing your closed periods. Easily set up closed periods as you need them, and automatically notify PDMRs when you enter a period of restricted trading.

Complete compliance

Sleep easy at night

Ensure compliance and prove adherence to MAR

Avoid fines and reputational damage

Replace legacy processes and reduce error

Save time and cost

Ensure compliance and prove adherence to MAR

Our systems use sophisticated real time data validation, intelligent data capture, and rules based processing to ensure that all data is tested for quality, integrity, and is stored in a MAR compliant format.

Clients use our service to prove adherance to regulatory obligations, using it to maintain a complete audit of every administrative action.

Avoid fines and reputational damage

100% of our clients say they have reduced concerns over their exposure to MAR sanctions after moving to InsiderList.

InsiderList provides a secure and robust compliance platform that helps avoid personal and professional fines, which can amount up to €15m or 15% of annual turnover.

Replace legacy processes and reduce error

InsiderList's platform completely replaces reliance on manual, labour intensive processes which can create significant potential for error.

Our 360o dashboard provides visibility over the entire compliance workflow, automating every aspect of compliance from setting up MAR compliant lists to recording digital signatures.

Save time and cost

Clients who automate their list management process with our digital workflow solution typically reduce their time managing MAR by c.94%.

Each year, our enterprise clients save on average 200 hours per compliance professional.

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