MAR insider list solutions for public companies

Manage your MAR compliance obligations as a listed issuer. Keep up to date records of people with access to inside information, ask for written acknowledgements, collect digital signatures, and send automatic reminders.

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MAR insider list solutions for public companies

Manage all your MAR compliance requirements via one simple solution, from project and permanent insider lists, to confidential lists and PDMR/PCA obligations.

Simplify MAR compliance processes with automation that meets your standards

Use our compliance wizards to set up your insider list and verify: Our simple workflow automatically records each required confirmation, and provides an audit history with UTC time stamp of every action in compliance with MAR.

Simply add a contact's email address to your list, and our smart contact database will automatically populate data from existing records or create a new profile:

View and query contacts to confirm their confirmation status, or follow their activity across multiple lists.

Once a contact is added, all list management takes process automatically, via our 360o dashboard:

  • Each contact is sent a unqiue tokenised link to confirm their details, meaning 1-click passwordless authentication and no user account administration;
  • If the contact has previously registered, our smart forms recognise this and pre-populate fields to save time;
  • Data is validated in real time, ensuring all information captured is MAR compliant; and
  • Users can digitally sign their acknowledgements, either via a touch device (iphone, ipad, etc) or typed response.

Automatic reminders are sent to contacts that have confirmations outstanding, and their response is tracked in a detailed audit history.

InsiderList's platform provides enhanced compiance via:

100% of clients say they sleep better at night, knowing they are protected by InsiderList.

Guided complianceSmart contact databaseIntelligent data captureEnhanced compliance
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Simple, quick and efficient

A single dashboard to coordinate all your list requirements

1-click automation

InsiderList manages your entire MAR compliance simply and efficiently. We automate each step in the process, from the decision to delay disclosure, notifying insiders and managing responses, to informing your National Competent Authority.

Real time updates

Receive instant updates as notifications are sent to reminders and confirmations submitted, right on your dashboard. See the % completion status of your lists and send automatic reminders to individuals at the click of a button.

360o visibility

Collaborate on a single platform with colleagues to manage your MAR reporting process. Get complete visibility across every list and user. Delegate tasks and receive alerts each time an action is completed.

Digital signatures

Accept confirmations from individuals with digital signatures, compliant with all eIDAS Regulations (EU 910/2014). Allow users to sign with their phone, tablet, or simply use their keyboard.

Automated reminders

Send automatic reminders each day to follow up on outstanding requests. Monitor users as they respond to notifications and complete confirmations. Correctly timestamp each action with UTC compliant timecodes.

Compliance wizards

Use our wizards to easily follow ESMA approved workflows. Set up lists and manage the disclosure process using our proprietary rules engine, with real time form validation, data control, and exception management.

Industry leading security

We integrate best in class security standards across our organisation and technical stack

Get an unrivalled uptime guarantee, advanced encryption technologies, and ISP27001 and SOC2 verified data centres.

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